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A Hidden Talent I Never Knew I Had Until I Became A Parent

You can go your whole life without knowing you have a hidden talent until one day it just falls into your lap. You start doing something over and over again and you realize, “Hey, I’m pretty good at this.”
Your new skill is honed, and it becomes second nature to you. By having a child, I have been blessed to discover my untapped potential which has now blossomed into a full blown gift.
CRUST CUTTING. Whether it’s toast or toast in it’s natural state, bread, it doesn’t stand a chance against my newly acquired skill. In the past, I used to lose half a grilled cheese sandwich in my feeble attempt to cut the crusts off, but waste no more. I can now virtually cut off any crust with surgical precision, to the point where I sometimes fool myself into believing that I could probably pull off an invasive surgery with ease.

How was I to know? Sure, I guess I’ve cut crusts before, but maybe just not often enough to recognize my new found calling. Maybe if I discovered my hidden talent long ago, we wouldn’t have crusts on pizzas anymore. Who knows? Sky’s the limit! Sorry, if you like crusts on pizzas.

Either way, I’m just glad that I finally stumbled upon my hidden talent. My gift. And it’s a gift I share with my son…I can’t describe the joy on his face and the love in his eyes when I hand him his crustless sandwiches. It’s really our great bond as a father and son. I mean sure, it may not be like going through labour, but it’s a labour of love. And that’s just about the same…right?

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