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Top 10 Signs… You Just Might Be A Parent Of A Young Child

1) You haven’t seen a non animated movie in a long time. 2) You take no issue with using your mouth to sterilize objects that fall on the ground. 3) You have a snack in your possession…right now. 4) You often have a Raffi song stuck in your head. 5) You rarely use the bathroom without someone walking in or banging on the door. 6) Your house looks like you’ve recently been robbed.  7) You rarely need an alarm clock. 8) You’ve eaten food that has been in someone else’s mouth. 9) You lie about the time on a daily…

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A Hidden Talent I Never Knew I Had Until I Became A Parent

You can go your whole life without knowing you have a hidden talent until one day it just falls into your lap. You start doing something over and over again and you realize, “Hey, I’m pretty good at this.” Your new skill is honed, and it becomes second nature to you. By having a child, I have been blessed to discover my untapped potential which has now blossomed into a full blown gift. CRUST CUTTING. Whether it’s toast or toast in it’s natural state, bread, it doesn’t stand a chance against my newly acquired skill. In the past, I used…

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FLYING WITH A CHILD: Top 5 Tips (in no particular order)

Now, I may not be considered an expert on flying (in an airplane) with a child, but I’m pretty damn close. When my son was born, he and I would tag along on Mom’s business trips, which took us all over the world. Pretty sweet! Other than dealing with an infant on a plane. In total, my son had been on 18 flights before the age of one. Flight times ranged from 1-10 hours. So, I’d say I have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about when it comes to flying with a child…on an airplane. Here are…

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Just Zip It!

Having recently had a newborn, I find myself with a renewed hatred of onesies with buttons. Why are people still putting buttons on onesies anyways? It’s nonsensical and, above and beyond that, a huge step backwards in today’s civilized world. It’s bad enough having to wrestle my alligator-like child as she performs her dreaded death roll while I try to get a diaper on her. The last thing I need is the added annoyance of trying to snap these miniature “un-timely” savers together. It’s like trying to get a tomato juice stain out of your favourite pair of white leg-warmers.…

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Potty Training: Why The Rush To Flush?

Having a child comes with a lot of responsibilities…providing a roof over their head, food on the table and keeping them safe are some of the obvious ones. Those responsibilities, and the countless other duties that are required to be a parent, can leave you feeling overwhelmed. So why put any added pressure on yourself when it isn’t necessary? Enter POTTY TRAINING. Parents today feel more pressure than ever to get their child potty trained…and sooner rather than later. But why? Why the rush? What’s in it for you? What reward is there for getting your child potty trained as…

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Sleep(way)less Nights

Everyone that has kids will tell people having kids one thing. “Enjoy your sleep now, while you can.” But, until you have a newborn, you won’t really heed this advice. You don’t know what you’re in for until you’re already in it. For me, having had a sleep-resistant child is kind of like having a broken alarm clock. You set it before you go to bed, expecting a sweet serenade to notify you when the morning comes. But that alarm clock of yours has a few loose wires. And those loose wires cause that alarm clock to have a mind…

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