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FLYING WITH A CHILD: Top 5 Tips (in no particular order)

Now, I may not be considered an expert on flying (in an airplane) with a child, but I’m pretty damn close. When my son was born, he and I would tag along on Mom’s business trips, which took us all over the world. Pretty sweet! Other than dealing with an infant on a plane. In total, my son had been on 18 flights before the age of one. Flight times ranged from 1-10 hours. So, I’d say I have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about when it comes to flying with a child…on an airplane. Here are…

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Just Zip It!

Having recently had a newborn, I find myself with a renewed hatred of onesies with buttons. Why are people still putting buttons on onesies anyways? It’s nonsensical and, above and beyond that, a huge step backwards in today’s civilized world. It’s bad enough having to wrestle my alligator-like child as she performs her dreaded death roll while I try to get a diaper on her. The last thing I need is the added annoyance of trying to snap these miniature “un-timely” savers together. It’s like trying to get a tomato juice stain out of your favourite pair of white leg-warmers.…

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Sleep(way)less Nights

Everyone that has kids will tell people having kids one thing. “Enjoy your sleep now, while you can.” But, until you have a newborn, you won’t really heed this advice. You don’t know what you’re in for until you’re already in it. For me, having had a sleep-resistant child is kind of like having a broken alarm clock. You set it before you go to bed, expecting a sweet serenade to notify you when the morning comes. But that alarm clock of yours has a few loose wires. And those loose wires cause that alarm clock to have a mind…

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